Prefit Barrels - Stainless

Prefit Barrels - Stainless

  • $599.00

Prefits have really taken off!

Prefits are a viable alternative for a super accurate rifle when the shooter is either not anywhere near a good smith or even for shooters that shoot out a lot of pipes in a year. With a set of go/no go gauges, a barrel nut and wrench you can swap out barrels at the range in less that 10 minutes. No other tools needed! 

Many less expensive rifles utilize the barrel nut prefit system which means its easy to get yourself a better shooting pipe! Not only that but do you have a .308 that you would love to change to a 6.5 Creedmoor? No problem as long as the cartridges you are switching from and too have the same size bolt face. Simply unscrew the old pipe and screw the new one on., headspace it up with your gauges(really simple) and its almost like you are shooting a new rifle!

Our prefit barrels come chambered and threaded for Tikka, Savage, Remington and Ruger rifles that utilize a barrel nut system.

We also provide shouldered prefits for actions with great tolerances. Impact, Ultimatum and Accuracy International to name a few! And we can change profiles for you too. Have a barrel that is too light for long range...or too heavy for hunting? We gotcha covered.

They come in a LOT of fun calibers. 22 Creedmoor anyone? 6 Dasher? 6.5x47 Lapua? In grizzly country? 28 Nosler, 300PRC, .300 Win Mag and 7mm Rem Mag are not a problem with the right action! If there is another caliber you dont see but want? Please ask!

We can't carry every reamer but we've got a pretty decent selection.

These barrels require NO gunsmithing! But what they do require is for the user (or a gunsmith) to set the headspace to ensure safe firing. This is easily achieved with caliber specific go and no go gauges available from many dealers. 

The standard profile tapers down to .830 at the muzzle and is threaded with 5/8-24 muzzle.If you prefer heavier or a different thread pitch just ask.

If you are considering turning your rifle into one that uses a quick change barrel nut, give us a call we might be able to help!

The video below shows you how easy it is to change and what you can expect when you switch to one of our prefit Savage, Remington or Ruger barrels! 

Monty shot this with his prefit in a Savage action...and it wasn't just cherry picked either. It was pretty repeatable!