Super Accurate AR15 Barrels

  • $399.00

It doesn't matter if you are building a high end precision rifle, a .22LR trainer, an AR10 or AR15. All the barrels that leave IBI get the same treatment. Everything is made from the highest quality 416R GBQ(Gun Barrel Quality) steel available. Each barrel gets stress relieved at least twice during the manufacturing process. Each barrel  gets honed on the only Sunnen 1600 Horizontal barrel hone in the country. It can hold tolerances of 1/10,000th of an inch from end to end. Each barrel even gets hand lapped after honing. Further to that the guys and girls that work here are shooters and care about every barrel that leaves our shop.

If you are looking for an AR15 barrel that can hold 5" or less at 500m with the right ammo and driver...well, you are in the right place.

Most of the top Canadian service rifle shooters using the AR 15 rifle, are running IBI 19 and 20" AR15 barrels. 

We offer them chambered with a .223 Wylde reamer in 1/8 twist  with 5R rifling, but others are available upon request and with enough lead time. 

Our AR 15 barrels come with the barrel extension installed and they are headspaced with JP Enterprises bolts only.