Stag 10/ BCL-102/ DPMS Pattern AR 10 Replacement Barrels

Our Stag 10/ BCL/ AR10 102 replacement barrels are finally available!

We have them in 416R(rifle grade stainless steel). They measure 19" long to keep them under non restricted status for those of us here in Canada. These barrels utilize a DPMS pattern barrel extension. They are both honed and hand lapped just like our precision rifle blanks! You wont find that combination in ANY other barrels currently produced in Canada. And they are also double stress relieved during our manufacturing process. We finish them with 5/8-24 threads at the muzzle for the muzzle device of your choice.

We have two profiles available.

1. IBI Stag 10 Standard Profile.

This profile is a crossover medium weight profile. This one was designed to give you the best of both accuracy and weight for those that may want to carry it in a hunting application as well as range shooting or 3 gun competition. This profile weighs 3 lbs. It also operates with a .750 gas journal and a rifle length gas tube. From the gas block to the muzzle measures .725.

2. IBI Stag 10 DMR(Designated Marksman Rifle) Profile.

This profile is a heavier profile designed for accuracy. Looking to shoot Gas Gun PRS matches with a full sized cartridge? This is probably the barrel for you! This profile weighs 4lbs and is near 1" under the handguards. It operates with a .936 gas journal and then runs .80 to the muzzle.