About us

At International Barrels not only do we enjoy making fine barrels but we enjoy shooting them too! Our mission is to make the best shooting barrels possible, and get them into your hands in a reasonable and timely manner. 


Tim is our head barrel maker. With over 35 years experience in machining and operations management in diversified shops, he was the perfect choice to take our barrels to the next level. He spent 10 years working with specialty alloys, stainless steels and titanium. His background allows him to fully understand the complexities that go into pulling that perfect barrel and allows us to come out with the best shooting product possible. Tim also likes to experiment so we will see what kind of interesting things he can come up with!

 Barrel maker Tim checking his work. Looks pretty good!!

Barrel maker Tim checking his work!



Ryan is the guy who will be taking care of everything else. Ryan has been shooting competitively at a high level since 1994. Soon after joining the Canadian Forces he was shooting on the CF national team and continued off and on until 2016 when he retired. He shoots both service rifle and precision/sniper matches. As of 2019 he's won the British Columbia provincial service rifle championships about 18 times(says he's lost track) and just recently came off of his 6th straight Canadian Service Rifle Championship win. He's also one of 7 people inducted into the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association(DCRA) service conditions Hall of fame. As you can tell he LOVES shooting and everything to do with shooting. He also loves hand loading and experimenting with different barrel, bullet and powder combinations. Out of the 6 national championships he's won, 3 have been with different loads in 2 different barrels and 3 different bullets. Ryan also loves hunting and is very up on what people want/need for all the different types of shooting . With so many firearms, powders, twist rates and projectiles you can probably see why we needed a guy who knows the ins and outs of shooting and can talk to people to find out what they need or want. If you have questions about what may or may not work for you, he's the guy you want to talk to.

Ryan getting chaired off after winning his 6th national service rifle championship in a row at Connaught Ranges in Ottawa Ontario, Canada. 2019